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How to Install WordPress

It seems to be easy. You just need to install a package of files and everything is done! This is the nice part of using WordPress for you website, isn’t it?

Here, from Graphic Media, four basic steps to install WordPress in only five minutes.

How Install WordPress

Trying to be more specific, I would like to focus on a few specific questions.
– Where Do I Get WordPress?
It is possible simply to sign up for an account on or, otherwise, go to to download the files and install these on your web space. For the difference between the two ways, you can see vs

-What Do I Need to Install WordPress?
You will need a web hosting provider that supports PHP and MySQL. That’s all!

-What Do I Need to Do after Installing WordPress?
After installing WordPress, you probably need to make the site your own using a theme and some features.
It is possible to choose from thousands of free WordPress themes but you can also decide to buy a professional one.
If you need a contact form, a map or any additional features you can explore the plug-ins world. The good news is you can use these for free.

-And after that?
It’s time to add your own content. But this is for a new post.

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