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Pinterest: How To Grow Your Audience

Pinterest: How to grow your Audience

Pinterest is now one of the leaders in the world of social media marketing and a powerful marketing engine with 70 million users. Each social media audience calls for its own customized approach, and this is true for Pinterest as well. Here from Creative Market are the key insights you’ll need in order to make the best possible use of Pinterest.

Spend time there!

Putting in the hours will give you an intuitive sense for Pinterest’s unique culture. You will begin to think visually and get a feel for the type of rich graphic content that’s most appealing.

Learn about your potential customers

Check your competitors’ Pinterest profiles, and see what types of content they’re pinning.

Follow the power users

Seek out the “influencers” in your field and follow them, and they are likely to follow you back and start re-pinning your content.

Be trendy

Find a few fresh stories each day that tie in to your business, and you’ll put the power of viral content to work for you.

Learn how to use rich pins

Pinterest is working hard to be useful to businesses, so it makes sense to pay attention to what they offer. Using the Rich Pin function requires putting some metatags in your site’s coding, and applying to Pinterest, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Create an active group board

Pinterest group boards are a way to engage several people in creating a board together. Selectively invite some of your most active followers who are most passionate about your topic, and you’ll benefit from the added energy of all their followers.

Cross-promote your profile

When you pin something exceptionally engaging, make sure to mention it on Facebook and Twitter.

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