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WordPress Security Tips For Website

Security is a top concern when you’re running a website.
As reported on USA Today, hacking is a big danger also for small businesses. The data tells smaller websites are hacked just as frequently as big ones.
Tens of thousands of websites are hacked every day and many of them don’t even know they’ve been hacked and that their websites are being used to spread malicious code.

If you are s a WordPress user, you’re using one of the most secure content management systems available. WordPress is known for being a very secure content management system (CMS).

The security of WordPress is one of the reasons for its popularity. WordPress is now one of the most popular content management systems on the web, used for tens of millions of websites around the world.

As explained on Elegant Themes, the most common ways by which hackers attack WordPress sites are with brute force attacks or HTTP requests. Brute-force hackers use software to try to gain access to a website by guessing at the password until they get lucky and break in.

There are some basic WordPress security tips every WordPress user can easily follow to keep his site more safe from hackers.

WordPress security tips infographic


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