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Tips for a great site layout

Having a blog on your site is a must for today’s business and to drive traffic to the site. But it’s important that your blog stands out.

Of course, excellent content is important. But even the best blog posts will get more attention if the layout surrounding them is visually appealing, memorable and easy to navigate. Creative Market describes six tips to make that happen.

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1 – Keep the site’s brand consistent.

Make sure the blog has a strong visual identity. The header is a great place to do that. The header image should communicate what the blog is about. Make sure the image is easy to read visually and not out of focus.

2 – Don’t make the layout too complicated.

Avoid layering too many elements into the page. If you are looking for ways to add visual interest, experiment with templates that place blog entries in two or more columns, rather than just one.

3 – Color is crucial.

The palette of your blog is one of the most important design decisions you can make. The first thing you have to consider is legibility. You need to have enough contrast to make the blog text easy to read on any device. Then, you need to make sure the colors you select work together.

4 – Clean up the sides.

Sidebars on blogs can be a useful navigational aid for readers. If not, they can be visual clutter. Think about what absolutely has to be in a sidebar. About pages and other necessary info can go into the navigation bar at the top of the page or in the footer.

5 -Make posts inviting.

If you have a blog with a lot of posts, it’s OK to put some of the copy under a cut. But make sure that what readers can see is enough to make them want to click through. Adding a subhead to the title can help clarify exactly what the post is about.

6 – Don’t fear emptiness.

White space is a great way to draw attention to your content. You can have a minimal layout with a header, single-column posts and a few sidebars, or it can be more complex. Just make sure it isn’t messy.

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