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Social Media: Timing Is Everything

Today 81 percent of small businesses are on social media and 94 percent of them use these social platforms for attracting clients and building a brand according to LinkedIn.

What many small business owners and managers overlook is the “when” of social media posting. Having the right content is great, but knowing the time of day when people are most receptive to posts is important for companies that need to run efficient campaigns.

The info graphic from Entrepreneur shows the best times to use social platforms.

Best times social platforms infographic

Few more tips from Entrepreneur:

Twitter: People have a chance to share their own thoughts or retweet in the afternoon.

Facebook: The work day is slowing down and people have more time to do a Facebook check.

Tumblr: Reading micro-blogs on Tumblr takes more time and thought than other platforms, so non-work hours are often ideal.

Pinterest: Weekends are best, as the craft and collection emphasis of Pinterest lends itself to weekend projects.

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