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WordPress vs Squarespace – Which one is better?

WordPress is the most popular and most used CMS (content management system) in the world but not the only one. There are other platforms that can help to build a website. Squarespace is one of them.

But which is better? This is a very difficult question.

The best way is start comparison between WordPress and Squarespace and understand which one is the best option for a single business. From Wpbeginner a few helpful tips.


Ease of Use and The Learning Curve

Most beginner level users are not familiar with HTML, CSS, and other code related things. They want a platform that helps them build their websites easily. Let’s see how both WordPress and Squarespace stack up in this category.


WordPress is a robust platform with a lot of choices. It can be used by a beginner level users as well as advanced level users. While WordPress is fairly intuitive and easy to use, there is still room to make the platform simpler and easier for beginners.


Squarespace does not come with too many choices. This lack of choices make it very simple and easy to use. Squarespace allows for customizing templates and pages using a visual editor but it is limited to the options available in the customizer.


Squarespace fares a little better than WordPress in terms of ease of use for absolute beginners. On the other hand, WordPress offers beginners a lot of choices which might be confusing at first, but it is a lot more flexible in the long run.

The comparison is between Squarespace vs. self-hosted WordPress (not See the difference between self-hosted vs

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