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Deciding between or or Which one should you use?

If you decided to use WordPress for your website, you are now facing the dilemma between the two WordPress.

Continuing to speak about WordPress, we can explore the difference between and And maybe understand which one is the best to use for a small business web site.

No right or wrong WordPress

WordPress is an open source blogging software and you can download it at There you can find free downloads of WordPress files, themes, plug-ins, and most importantly step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring WordPress on your own hosting provider.

Otherwise, provides an easy solution to get a blog or website online. You can simply sign up and create a free WordPress blog immediately. Indeed, is a multi-user version of WordPress that hosts thousands of blogs and websites.

So both seem to be great solutions, don’t they? provides the advantage of installing any of the WordPress templates available and customizing your own site so that it will look different from other blogs. This means:

  • complete control over the look and feel of your site
  • install any WordPress plug-in to extend the functionality of your site.

The downside is that, in order to use, you need:

  • a hosting provider that allows you to have MySQL databases and FTP access
  • a basic knowledge of how to use FTP to transfer files, create a MySQL database, and edit configuration files.
  • To be able to manage your own backups. (Or simply use a free plugin for that.) is the easiest way to start with a simple blog or website. That means:

  • hosting is free
  • you need to just pick a theme from list of available ones and go online

The downside is that:

  • you cannot upload your own themes
  • cannot customize a theme directly
  • cannot install plug-ins to extend the functionality of the site
  • sometimes ads appear on your site

That’s all. It’s time to make your decision and put online your website!

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Fiorenza Temmel Bianchi is the founder and director of Fiorenza Temmel Design. She has a background as both an architect and a graphic designer. She is also a WordPress and SEO enthusiast.


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