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WordPress themes for Small Businesses

WordPress themes for your Small Businesses

After installing the WordPress files you are now facing the big decision of pick out (and maybe buy) the right theme for your website. And that is really a big decision. Probably the most important step when you decide to use WordPress for your website.
This decision needs time. Sometime it needs plenty of time, days or weeks.

So the first tip if you need to find the right theme for your website is no rush. Take your time, have a look at a few different themes and compare them. Never mind if your website needs to wait for your decision. It’s never a waste of time!

Of course, spend time looking at some different templates is not enough.

From Business2community a few considerations to do before purchasing or downloading a WordPress theme.

– Is the Design Compatible With Your Goals and Target Market?

Think about what you will be trying to achieve through your website and how you will want to interact with your readers and potential customers.

– Administrative Functions Need to be Included

If you’re going to spend money on a theme, ensure that it comes with customization options that enable you to change colors, header images, logos, CSS styles and add supporting code like Google Analytics. These features will give you a great level of control over your site’s design.

– Technical Support and Community

The site from which you’re purchasing your theme must have a supportive community of developers and users who are ready to answer your queries and assist you with problems.

– User Manuals and Documentation

Purchased themes must come with user manuals and other types of documentation. These will help you to get started with your new theme easily and the learning curve would be shortened.

– Theme Updates

Once a theme is purchased you should not have to pay for future updates, improvements and additions. Web development is constantly changing and improving, so there will always be newer versions of your theme released on a regular basis.

– Is the theme Responsive?

It’s an absolute necessity for any site to be responsive. Half of your audience will be accessing your site via mobile and the number will continue to rise in the future.

– Caution!

Never download and use themes from sites that are giving away premium themes (which are usually sold by their developers) for download when they themselves are not the theme’s developer. 90% of the time, these themes will contain hidden malicious code that can potentially harm your website’s reputation and performance in Google and sometimes affect user experience.

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