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Boost your business with a rebranding project

Rebranding is a vital matter for any small business. Your brand should always stand out in your target market, focusing on retaining the existing customers and attracting new ones. When your small business grows and engages with a new and different audience, you can fill the needs by giving your brand a new look and a more modern feeling.

Here is where our expertise can help you. Whether you want a full new image for your business or a simple refresh without changing your style, this is our sort of challenge.

Screenshot of the website for artist Singaart


When and Why should you rebrand your business?

You may have more than one reason to consider rebranding your small business.

Your brand is growing fast and requires a new look. Perhaps your customers are changing and that change requires an update of your brand image.
Or you are simply feeling your logo is out of date and your website looks a bit old.

If one or more of these reasons fit you, get in touch and our rebranding team will be happy to offer you a free consultation.

Thinking of rebranding your business?

Get in touch for a free consultation with our branding team or see some of our work.

Our rebranding services for Small Businesses

A rebrand can have different forms, from designing a new logo to implementing a full redesign project.
Rebranding can also look a complex matter.
It can involve the design of new logos and branded products as well as the development of a new website that includes an update content.

Our rebranding team of designers has the experience to ensure the process of rebranding your business runs smoothly without any risk including losing your existing customers.

Website Redesign

Are you worried your website is not mobile friendly?
Do you need to add a new product or service to your eCommerce site? Or would you simply like to convert your old website to a modern, easy to manage Content Management System as WordPress?
You have landed in the right place!

We can offer you a full range of rebranding solutions built around the needs of your business and, most importantly, your budget.

Logo and Branding Redesign

A logo is just a small part of your business image but it is often the most recognisable aspect of any rebranding project. Of course your brand is much more than a logo. Your rebranding project can also involve a change of name or the redesign of all marketing material online and offline.

Whether you decide for a revamp of the logo or for a more extensive redesign project, we will be at your side to plan, research and consider the best solution to take your small business to the next level.


Screenshot of the website rebranding project for Alex Corsino Photography
Corsino Photography - Website rebranding
Rebranding logo for La mia kitchenette
La mia kitchenette - Logo rebranding
Website and logo rebranding project for Ediz Barbers in London
Ediz Barbers - Website and logo rebranding
Logo rebranding project for Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver - Logo rebranding

Ready to start?

Would you like to discuss a new logo for your business or understand how to improve the look and the performance of your website? Maybe want to ask for a quote?

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