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Three Reasons Why Your Website Needs Responsive Design

Three Reasons Why Your Website Needs Responsive Design

The use of mobile devices has increased exponentially. Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop usage in 2014. These days even more people are using smartphones and tablets to search the internet.

Trying to view a website from one of these devices isn’t always a great experience.

To avoid that, companies are moving towards responsive design.

Wondering if your website should be optimized for mobile? With Google’s mobile algorithm on April 21, 2015, now having a website that is ready for mobile devices is a must.

Ezsolution and Business2community suggest us 3 reasons as to why responsive design is here to stay.

  1. Only One Website Needed

Responsive Web DesignYour website should look and function well everywhere and not just on a desktop or laptop computer. Responsive web design provides just the right level of adaptability for users and potential clients to view your website on any device.

  1. Google Prefers Responsive Design

Google LogoGoogle prefers responsive sites over mobile sites when it comes to search engine optimization. Mobile sites require a different URL for it to crawl and index multiple versions of the same site.

  1. Best User Experience

user_experienceNot having a responsive site does not create an optimal user-friendly experience. Most likely that person will leave the site never to return again.

If a user has a positive experience on your responsive site, they are more likely to stay, not bounce back to the search results, and convert into a buying customer or lead.


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